/helpLearn how ZeroTwo works
/inviteInvite ZeroTwo to your server
/supportZeroTwo support server
/premiumLearn about ZeroTwo Premium
/voteUpvote ZeroTwo, get reminders & receive rewards
/avatarCheck out another user! ;)
/settings viewView server settings
/settings welcome_channelChoose a channel to welcome new users in
/settings leave_channelChoose a channel to wave goodbye to server leavers
/settings welcome_leave_messageSet the join/leave messages
Role Select
/role select setupSetup Reaction Role Select in your server
/role select editEdit & Delete an existing Reaction Role Select embed
Profile Customization
/profile editEdit your profile
/profile backgroundSelect a background for your profile
/profile viewView your profile or someone else's
/marryMarry someone, find love
/divorceEnd a relationship... awks
/timezone setSet your timezone
/timezone viewView someone's timezone
Plantation Defence
/klaxo spawnHave your community defend your server from Klaxosaurs.
/games coinflipFlip a coin
/games rpsPlay Rock, Paper, Scissors against me
/games minesweeperAvoid the mines!
/games double_diceRoll 2 dice
/biteBite someone
/blushBlush for some reason
/clapStart clapping
/crySadness intensifies
/cuddleCuddle monster!
/danceStart groovin'
/highfiveUp top!
/hugHug monster #2!
/kissSmoooooch :*
/patpat pat
/pokepoke someone
/poutBegin pouting
/runnaruto run
/shipsee how compatible people are
/shrugshrug confused
/shyshy uwu
/starestare off
/wastedToo much
/zerotwoOhayo Darlings